The cash price for a mammogram, as linked to most medical aids, is usually between R1550 and R1770. Previously, almost all the medical aids paid the full cost on an annual basis, regardless of your particular plan. Unfortunately, many of the medical aids have cut back on account of financial considerations and are only paying for a mammogram every second year. In order to ensure patients have affordable access to a mammogram every year, many  practices are offering cash discounts for the “intervening” year when the medical aid won’t pay. Discounts of up 10 - 30% can be expected. Some practices may also be amenable to cash discounts on other procedures such as ultrasound, biopsy and MRI

There is no additional cost for a 3D mammogram. At our practice all mammograms are now done on the tomosynthesis machine. The breast ultrasound which is routine is also no extra cost when having a mammogram.

It is extremely important for women over the age of 40 to have regular mammograms. If the mobile mammogram service is your only opportunity, then by all means, have your mammogram with them.


Mobile mammograms. An excellent initiative but not as comprehensive or accurate as mammograms and sonars performed in a specialist department with doctors on-site

There are, however, many reasons that having your mammogram in a dedicated specialist department is better than in a mobile unit;

Most mobile units use the older 2D mammogram machines. This is significantly inferior to the new 3D Tomo machines in terms of cancer detection.

Having your mammogram in the same department every year allows the radiologist to compare old and new images. This is very important when it comes to detecting early cancer changes.

Breast Ultrasound – in most specialist departments an ultrasound is done with every mammogram. Mammograms cannot pick up every cancer. In fact they pick up only ±70% of cancers at best. In women who have dense breast tissue - ±50% of the population – mammograms are even less effective, picking up only 30 – 40% of cancers. To compensate for this, we do ultrasound exams of the breasts on every patient. The combined tests can pick up 80 – 90% of cancers! The ultrasounds are performed immediately after the doctor has assessed your mammogram.

Mammogram: No cancer visible due to dense breast tissue


Ultrasound clearly shows a large cancer (2,6cm)


Personal interaction with a specialist breast radiologist. Your questions and concerns are addressed face-to-face by a medical specialist with many years of experience in breast cancer detection. Any abnormalities on your mammogram or ultrasound are discussed straight away. No delay getting results!

Procedures that need to be done eg biopsies (sampling of breast lumps to tell if they are cancerous) and cyst aspirations are done in the same department by the same doctor who has done your mammogram and ultrasound.
If further tests such as a breast MRI is needed (certain difficult cases), they are referred within the unit and again, interpreted by the very same breast radiologists.

If cancers are found, you are already in the system. The radiologists are part of a highly experienced multidisciplinary breast cancer team – breast surgeons, oncologists, pathologist and plastic surgeons. Your case goes immediately through to this team who ensure that you receive the very best level of care available.

No extra cost!! The addition of a 3D mammogram, sonar and specialist doctor consultation are all included in the same tariff.(medical aid rates apply). It costs the same as a mobile mammogram that lacks all of the above ..