Treatment for Breast Cancer


Modern treatment for breast cancer has five main components:

  1. Surgery: Mastectomy of breast conserving surgery i.e. lumpectomy
  2. Radiation therapy: Usually in the case of lumpectomy or when lymph nodes are positive
  3. Chemotherapy: before or after surgery
  4. Endocrine therapy e.g. Tamoxifen
  5. Herceptin: Drug for Her-2 type breast cancers

Decisions about which combination of treatments to use depend on the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer.

The stage is determined by the size of the cancer and the presence of metastases (cancer spread to lymph nodes or other organs)


The aim of modern treatment is to achieve cancer eradication, with the best cosmetic results and lowest complication rate. There are different types of cancers at different stages in people with different medical profiles. These variables mean that breast cancer treament is not a one size fits all. Treatment is tailored to the individual.


A novel treatment for small, lower grade cancers involves freezing of the tumor. Cryoablation